Meditation, is an effective and powerful tool to transform your life.  The results of meditation have been verified by studies all around the world.  The studies show that many areas of life are improved with consistent meditation. Among the areas of life where meditation makes a difference are: depression symptoms, anxiety, chronic pain, focus, performance and relationships. 

Meditation is more than sitting still.  To get the benefits of meditation, learn from an experienced teacher.  Learn from us how meditation and some simple breathing techniques, can help you live healthier, be happier and transform your life.

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Energy Healing and Coaching Sessions

Energy Healing and Coaching Sessions support a holistic view of health, healing  and whole body wellness.  Energy science, combined with coaching calms and restores the body's energy and provides awareness and strategies for creating health and wellness.  

This model of healing and coaching helps you tap into your inner wisdom and build an understanding of how to heal the past and empower your life in the present. These sessions are an extremely effective complement to any process of physical and psychological healing.    

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Life Cycles reading 

Generate outstanding success in your life. Do you ever wonder what it will take to have even greater success in your life? It is said that  "timing is everything".  When you do the right thing at the right time, success happens as a matter of fact.

Everyone knows that life moves in various rhythms and cycles.  When you know how to plan action in collaboration with the energetic rhythm of your life cycles you begin to live your life knowing what to do and when to do it.  This program is designed for people looking for ways to achieve their highest potential and transform a good life into a great life!  

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energy healing certification training 

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Certification Classes are designed for those who would like to learn an energy therapy modality.  IET is ideal for those wishing to begin an energy therapy practice or to use as a complement to other holistic techniques.  

These classes are ideal for body workers and mental health professionals.   IET is also beneficial for individuals would like to focus on their self-healing, empowerment and spiritual growth. 

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shamanism workshops

Core Shamanism Curriculum focuses on the core shamanic practices found throughout the world for healing and wisdom. Moving through the curriculum one learns that shamanism is much more than a set of practices. It is a way of life, and a means for understanding one’s inter-connectedness to all things.

This curriculum is designed for those with a desire to learn about shamanism and the self-healing journey, as well as practitioners who would like to expand their tools and gifts.

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