The Body

Your body is actually complex personality vehicle composed of many systems. The term personality vehicle is the synthesized form of the incarnated body which is comprised of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects and life-force energy. The life-force energy guides the body and its systems toward life experiences and this life-force energy is continually being impressed and influenced by inner and outer experiences. The inner and outer experiences condition the personality vehicle to a way of being through which to experience life.

Life experiences are typically perceived to be predominantly physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual at first glance. As we examine the synthesized form of the body it becomes clear that life experiences cannot be isolated to one domain - meaning that no experience can be “purely physical”, or “purely emotional”, or “ purely mental”, or “purely spiritual”. In many ways the body is a school which provides teachings and lessons. Teachings and lessons, once mastered, will reveal a new and higher lesson for the engaged student.

The diamond Body

When properly trained with physical exercise and meditation, the body and its subtle aspects receive and transmit Divine substances.

There comes a time when the process of transformation yields to awakening. Simply put, awakening is ah “ah ha!” moment - a brilliant flash of insight or accomplishment that changes the experience of life through the personality vehicle.

The Diamond Body Program

is a series of exercises, meditations and activations to Transform and Awaken the personality vehicle.