Why Meditate?

In meditation, the whole person is meditating: the body, mind, emotions, energy system, consciousness and sub-conscious. Every part of the person becomes synchronized, to the rhythm and frequency of the meditation.    

Science shows that meditative brain states stimulate the production of chemicals and hormones that are known to calm the body, (gamma aminobutyric acid), replenish brain cells (serotonin), elevate mood (endorphins), help you sleep better (melatonin) and turn back the clock on aging (DHEA and GH).  

The results? Meditation leads to improvements from symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain and chronic illness. There is power in meditation to transform the quality of your life. 

An Outer and Inner Experience

Meditation is an science and an art. Understanding the science and practicing the art will bring fullness to your meditation practice.  Learn how to apply the science of meditation and you will experience the physical (outer), emotional and mental (inner) benefits in your day to day life.  Practice the art of meditation and be transformed by the inner state which occurs while immersed in the experience. The inner state which occurs in meditation is what brings change and transformation into your life. 

Don't do it alone. 

Focus on other DIY projects and learn from an experienced meditation facilitator.  When you attend an session with an experienced teacher, meditation is present in the room and you immediately experience the benefits of meditation.  

Even if you are already meditating, schedule an appointment and learn ways to enrich your practice.  The energy of  meditation will be more expansive with an experienced facilitator and often at a higher "elevation" than a meditation which you enter alone.

Busy Schedule?

Don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of a meditation practice. Set time aside and experience one of our many meditations which were recorded during a live group session.