Facing Fear Head On

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You cannot heal or transform your life without taking action.  You know this.  So, what stops you???

Most often this is caused by fear, and the fear is usually associated with one of two areas.  The fear of making a mistake and not knowing the right decision to make-OR- the fear of being hurt or hurting another.  Energetically this fear can be seen in the body in your first chakra. If energy in the root chakra is blocked or over-activated, it affects your response to life.  A wonderful opportunity can present itself (a move, a new job, a relationship) and yet you put on the brakes.  Why? 

Think of yourself as a child careening down a snowy mountainside on a sled.  All of a sudden, you round a bend to see a grove of trees in front of you.  You frantically pull up on the side brakes to stop your action in order to protect yourself and not be hurt.  Your physical body responds in much the same way.  An opportunity from the universe presents itself, the fear of not making the right decision or being hurt appears like the immanent grove of trees, and you dig in your heels.  Your root chakra is over-activated, little to no energy goes to the legs for action, and you are stalled in life.  What then?

The unconscious reaction might look like a perpetual state of anxiety.  The hamster wheel of worries magnifies your physical pain and mental agonies a hundredfold.  It’s destructive to the heart, the nervous system, and brain.  It paralyzes your mental initiative, courage, judgement, and common sense. It veils your creativity and intuition, and shrouds your natural confidence. Is there a conscious way to step off this merry-go-round? You can choose to live in a state of unconscious reaction or use your Will Power to take powerful action.  

Turn the spotlight of your attention inward. Sit quietly, meditate and pray.  After feeling calmness within, think of alternate ways by which the problem can be solved or eliminated.  When the mind is calm and the connection to the Divine is strong, wisdom comes and solutions are found. Merely ignoring your problems or worrying about them won’t solve them.

If you are lacking in Will Power, concentrate upon that.  Fortunately, you can start practicing anytime and anyplace.  Through conscious effort, you can create strong Will Power.  Focused concentration and meditation are the answer!  How to begin???

  1. Calm the body and your emotions will follow.

If you ever feel overcome by fear and worry, you should inhale and exhale deeply, slowly and rhythmically.  Focus on relaxing with each exhalation.  Use the Box-Breathing Technique.  Do this by inhaling to the count of 4, holding for a count of 4, exhaling to the count of 4, and then holding for a count of 4.  Continue for several minutes until the body is calm.  This type of "box breathing" helps the circulation to become normal. If your heart is truly quiet, you cannot feel fear at all.

  1. Calm the mind and inspiration will follow.

Sit quietly, meditate and pray.  One of the most simple and effective methods is to use the *Sai Maa Stillness Meditation.  Focus the mind on a single word with a high energetic vibration such as the name of the Divine or an attribute of the Divine like Love or Peace.  Use that sound to travel down into the depths of your being. You use the word like an elevator to move from a concrete sound, to a thought of that sound, to a quieter and quieter level of thinking, until you merge into All That Is. Rest in that stillness, the Light, the attribute of the Divine for 8-10min.

After you feel calm within, then concentrate on your problem and be open to solutions. When your mind is calm and filled with Light, you are able to see various answers to your problems; and because your mind is calm, you are capable of picking out the best solution. 

  1. Muster up all your courage and take action!

It’s time to get busy and pour positivity and faith into your new course of action. Bottom line, follow the inspired solution, and watch success follow!  The process is called applying the science of religion to your daily life.  This tried and true method produces results.

You cannot heal or transform your life without taking action.  What do you have to lose? FEAR?!😊 

[suggested meditation for this topic]


Helpful tip:  For detailed instruction in the *Sai Maa Stillness Meditation, go the Free Tools Page of  www.profoundlifewellness.com/free-tools and listen to “The Stillness Meditation.”