Peace leads to all good things

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Of the many spiritual teachings the theme of peace and peacefulness is everywhere.  Perhaps this is because Peace is our natural state.  It is YOUR natural state.  To enter into the peace that you already are is simple; drop everything from your life that is non peace.  Notice that I said “simple”….I did not say “easy”. 

To enter into peaceful abiding, will require transforming yourself and the "things" which condition your life.  You must learn to be aware and mindful of your emotions, your thoughts and your actions and to move in life in a way that is aligned to Peace.  From a place of peace, you will effortlessly notice the equality and importance of others.

Learn and practice ways of being peaceful in your own life FIRST.   Without peace in your possession, how could you possibly be peaceful with it to another?

Each one of us is completely equal in wishing for happiness and freedom from suffering.  As we attain this we rest in the state of Peace.  When we rest in the state of peace, we generate peace in all directions of our life.  

Equality is present in any peaceful situation.  Too often we hold onto the concept of “I” or “me” as something that is to be uniquely treasured.  Yes, we do have the right to “accumulate happiness and abandon suffering” and we must also learn the value of putting ourselves in the position of others and treating them with equality.  Only from a place of equality, can we authentically offer support and care and compassion and love.  

The more often you become peaceful, the more peace will be on this planet and the more all beings will be peaceful. Be vigilant.  Find every place in your life where you are without peace.  Tend to those areas FIRST.  

As you practice peace, peace will follow you, peace will become you, then you will become peace

[suggested meditation for this topic]