Don't Waste Your Time on Problems

Everyone faces problems in life.   Regardless of the problem type, when you put focus on the problem you are wasting your time – because you are focusing on the problem.   

Once you notice a problem, shift your focus away from the problem and shift your focus toward the desired outcome. 


When you focus on the outcome, you are not working as an engineer, you are working as an “imagineer”. When you imagine, you are working with the builders in the higher realms of consciousness. These builders are intelligent energies which you access through imagination and intention.  Imagine you are also building a bridge to the higher realms so that you can carry things back from the higher dimensions. 

Listen to the rich discussion about problem vs outcome and then listen to the meditation.  In the meditation you will be guided to be an "imagineer" and expand your ring of consciousness.  

Begin to create your world “out there” in the higher dimensions.  Remember that everything in your world today, is something you put out there.  Become an imagineer and a conscious creator.

Put it out there, and bring it into existence!