Are you ready to live the New Paradigm of Joy, Love, and Outrageous Opportunity?  I'm offering these specialized coaching-healing sessions to set you free from from the limitations of your past, assist you to know your truth, and live from your natural state in this new paradigm.  These sessions will help you create a new way of living by:  

  • Removing the obstacles to knowing your truth as a first step (obstacles such as: stories, habits, patterns, the past).

  • Cultivating Awareness so that you can know your truth.

  • Practicing being in action -- action, from a place of awareness, allows you to live your truth.

  • Meditation is the foundation for cultivating your natural states.

  • Your natural states of Joy, Love and Abundance open the flood gates to outrageous opportunity.

Many of my clients are experiencing the natural unfolding of outrageous opportunity in their lives.  It has become possible for them.  It can become possible for YOU!  Register below.

Best wishes for a fulfilled life,  John

Use the "Buy Now" button to sign up for any of these offers (use Paypal or any credit card).  Once you sign up, I will contact you to schedule your appointment(s).  You may include a message to me on the order form.  I look forward to working with you.  


Living the New Paradigm
Coaching-Healing with John $125

If you're feeling stuck, use this 60 minute session to ignite your passion for living your truth.  This session will get you moving towards living your truth each day.


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