Our unique mission is to create a wave of  transformation around the world.


We work with the whole body-mind system using a unique blend of ancient eastern healing practices, coaching and meditation to facilitate positive change and lasting transformation.

You can also join us for sacred travel to some of the most powerful places for transformation on the planet.



A Journey of Divine Awakening in Peru

Pack your bags and come on a 10-day sacred journey to Peru!  Visit all the must see places like Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and more! Awaken to a new state of being as you experience quiet walks, sacred ceremonies, and joyous laughter.


We will help you get de-stressed and un-stuck and blazing ahead!  Energy healing therapy combined with coaching, activates thought, emotion, cognition, the physical body and the energy system within a single session.  Most non-energy therapies engage only thought and emotion. This may be why energy therapies appear to work more quickly than conventional non-energy therapies. Sometimes called energy psychology, energy healing therapy and coaching methods are focused, goal oriented and dynamic.  They work with the body’s energy systems (e.g. meridians, chakras) to create a change in the perception and experience of life, vitalize the body, and create transformation. 

Are you FACING the same problems over and over?

We will support you in breaking free from limitation, managing stress and facing fear.  Stress, limitation and fear can negatively influence how you see the world, how you experience emotions, and how you relate to others. As energy healing professionals we will help you identify your hidden resistance to healing and growth -- and help you resolve patterns of limitation and fear. With energy thereapy and coaching we will get you on your way - and with meditation you can continue to transform your life.  Studies show that meditation is a powerful tool for transformation and we are experts in teaching people the art and science of meditation.  

  • Improve your relationships

  • Enhance performance (in sports, school, business and the arts)

  • Overcome limiting beliefs (about relationships, finances, etc.)

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Deal with trauma (loss of a loved one, an ended relationship, an accident, chronic pain, illness, PTSD, are some examples.)

  • Face your addictions

ARE YOU dealing with loss, chronic PAIN, ILLNESs, suffering?

Energy healing therapy combined with coaching and meditation are extremely efficient tools for "re-setting" the body-mind-emotion system.  We work to uncover and clear unconscious beliefs embedded at the cellular level which may be keeping you in  a shutdown mode.  When the effects of trauma and stress are released from the cells and the memory of body-mind-emotion system, the nervous system can return to a state of safety, giving you a new capacity to live in the present.  We will listen to the story of your healing journey and work with you to create a new path toward whole person wellness.  You will become free from the past and able to live life in new ways.  .


Work with us and you will see how the body, mind and emotions are connected by an innate wisdom.  Once you understand how to work with the wisdom of the body-mind-emotion system as a whole, you become the creator of transformation in your life. 

We will support and inspire you to take charge of your life and to live you life with awareness and expression of your inner and outer state of being.  In this way you can consciously create an integrated life and whole person wellness. 

In the last 15 years, we've helped thousands of people around the world transform and create their lives through applied energy healing science, coaching and meditation. 





When I first came to see John, I was suffering from anxiety attacks.  I came to his meditation group and felt better immediately.  I continued with the meditation group for several weeks before going for a private session.  My life is changed forever!  (C. F.  Norwalk, CT)


It has taken me years and many different modalities to try to figure out WHO I am.  It took only two hours with Julianne to really discover WHY I am.  I gained incredible insight about my life by working with Julianne to understand my Life Cycles.  (J. L. G.  Manchester, NH)

There are times in our lives, when just at the right moment; someone comes into your life.  Someone who changes your course, or happens to lift you up in  away that gives you renewed energy, hope, and vision.  Sometimes we call these people an Angel, a Blessing, or even a God sent.  Julianne was one of these angels to me. She guided me with grace and wisdom in a way that directed my life toward the fulfillment of my journey.  There are very few people in this world who have found that peace within, Julianne is one of them, and if you want to find your peace, then I know Juliane will gracefully take you there.  Set a course to Julianne's heart and she will guide you to your own. (Rev. Daniel J. Pratt Bedford, NH)


I've gone to a lot of energy workers only to get a quick and temporary fix or a bunch of "woo woo" kind of work.    John has the ability to address problems on a level that actually changes the energy.  I recognize John as one of a few practitioners who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates it.  He is the real deal. (L.M. Boulder, CO)


“With just one free 15-minute consultation, John’s ability to effect real change is astounding! I was suffering from a bout of sciatica, but have also been receiving treatment for many years for anxiety disorder, PTSD, ADD, and whatever else my therapists thought they might diagnose me with. I cannot (and John will not) say that he ‘healed’ any of these issues. However, since I spoke with him during my free 15-minute initial consultation, I’ve achieved a sense of balance and clarity I have truly never experienced before. It’s as though my life had been in many ways a big, messy pile of bricks. I can feel and see the results of those bricks intuitively putting themselves into place to form a structure I know I will live very happily in! I would recommend a free consultation to EVERYONE, and an ongoing course of treatment to anyone who is truly ready and willing to put their lives in order!” ~ Justin L., Henrico, VA