A Letter from Julianne

Hello, Fellow Travelers~

PERU is calling! Can you feel the energy for A Journey of Divine Awakening accelerating? Maybe this is because in just two short weeks, Lauren, John and I will be with our chakaruna.  In early June, we will travel to Arizona to be with Jorge Luis Delgado. Lean in with us as the energy for the trip grows.

Jorge is an amazing storyteller and wisdom keeper.  I am fascinated by his explanation of Incan cosmology.  The time we are entering is called pachakuti, which means “Return to the Essence of the Cosmos.”  In other words, we are returning to a cycle of Light after 500 years of darkness, and the Children of the Sun are awakening. 

It is time for each of us to find our Inner Sun and reconnect to the endless spring of Love, Service and Wisdom (Munay, Llancay and Yachay) from which we all have come.  When we put our Love, Service and Wisdom into all we do, life becomes joyful.  What is your expression to the Cosmos every day? 

Legend says that as you start to Love yourself, you can expand this Love like an endless stream--to the Mother, the Father, your family, your neighbors, and even your past.  As you practice Love, the Cosmos sends you a little messenger in the form of a Hummingbird.  As the petals of your heart open, you become like a beautiful flower.  As you share your Inner Sun, the hummingbird flies above your head to gather your nectar.

Self-reflect. Ask yourself, “How is my relationship with Mother Earth, Father Sun, with my family, with my neighbors, with my past? 

How am I practicing my Love, Service and Wisdom in these areas?”

One way to practice is through joyful service.  We invite you to participate in three special projects to serve the land and the people of Peru.  We are collecting donations for the following:

  • $49 contribution to cover all three projects 

  • $15 to plant an apple tree around the Lake Region

  • $12 to give a blanket to a highland family

  • $22 for a child to participate in Jorge’s Dream Pillow Project 

  • $200 contribution to serve at a higher level

Make a contribution yourself, as well as invite family, friends and/or local businesses to support your efforts in Peru. 
Please click the button below to join us and joyfully donate.

Donate to the Peru Service Project

Every donation will go directly to Jorge Delgado & Kontiki Tours for the service projects.
Your donation will support the land and people of Peru.
Your donation is not tax deductible.

Thank you!

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