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Julianne Santini
Julianne has dedicated much of her life to supporting people on their healing journey. While working as an oncology nurse and nursing instructor, Julianne recognized the mind, body and spirit as integral parts of the healing process. Today, Julianne is an alternative holistic practitioner. Her practice focuses on personal transformation through energy balancing and coaching. 

Julianne has decades of training in Energy Healing Therapies and teaches advanced level courses for energy healing. She has studied and practiced Awareness Meditation, MBSR Meditation, Inner Power Renewal, ESOCEN Healing Sciences. Usui, Shamballa, and Karuna Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Magnified Healing, A Course in Light, Theta Healing, Magdalena Healing, Melchizedek Method. She is also a Shamanic Practitioner, a member of the Society for Shamanic Studies, and a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.

Julianne's connection to the land of Peru began years ago on a pilgrimage to this sacred place. Julianne is passionate about sacred journeys. Along the way, she supports each person on their journey with kindness and wisdom toward living a happy and fulfilled life.


Lauren Rainbow
Lauren Rainbow is a medium with more than a decade of experience communicating with the other side. She has spent years developing her gift along side some well-known mediums, and has studied internationally. She has been a regular guest on several several radio stations around New Hampshire. Rainbow had also appeared on many stages around New England, delivering healing messages from the other side.

Along with being a medium for the spirit world, Lauren Rainbow has also studied many alternative healing modalities including Master Teacher training in Usui, Shamballa and Karuna Reiki, and Magnified Healing®. She is also an advanced healing therapist in Integrated Energy Therapy, Alchemical and Shamanic Healing.

Lauren responds to an inner calling to bring people to sacred sites around the world so they may connect with the power of these amazing places, open their hearts, and share their love with the world. Lauren brings great laughter and love to the work she is doing and she is dedicated to helping those who feel called to get centered into their heart and live a life filled with joy and love. 


John Mercede
John began work as a professional in the field of energy therapy, coaching, and meditation in 2001.  He studied with a Master of healing, meditation and martial arts from the Philippines for nearly 10 years and then a Master of enlightenment and healing from India for 7 years. 

John has years of training and experience in energy therapy and energy psychology and is a certified advanced level practitioner, teacher, and trainer of healing modalities and he brings a commitment to excellence into all areas of life.

John blends his training and experiences from athletics, martial arts, and engineering with energetic awareness to bring a grounded and practical approach to spirituality. He has cultivated a keen awareness of energy through years of work with individual clients and as a facilitator of transformational programs and retreats.

John enjoys journeys to sacred places and experiencing the energy of the ancients with groups. He knows people can have a new experience of themselves on sacred journeys, and acts as both witness and guide to their transformation as they step into living life in a new way.  


Jorge Delgado
Jorge Luis Delgado is a chakaruna, recognized worldwide as an authority on Inca philosophy, spirituality and tradition. A chakaruna is a person who is a bridge between the cosmos and this world who helps interpret the Andean spiritual traditions for others.

In the Inca tradition, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds. Jorge Luis Delgado is expert at walking this path between both worlds. He received his early training from the Kallawaya shamans of the NE Lake Titicaca region, the lineage of the Wise Ones of the Andes, and from the Qero elders of Cusco, who are the last remaining tribal descendants of the Incas.

Jorge is clearly an embodied way-shower for this new Earth that we are creating. He teaches that a new consciousness is emerging and as a keeper of the ancient knowledge he uses it to assist in healing for all who are ready.

Step through the doorway to  A Divine Awakening in Peru.

Step through the doorway to
A Divine Awakening in Peru