In Teotihuacan, Mexico
A Journey for Coaches, Healers, Therapists
September 4-10, 2019

Venture on a sacred journey to the City of the Gods with Julianne and John for a week of energy therapy certification training and spiritual immersion. The sacred city of Teotihuacan has the power to reveal your true calling and destiny in this life. It is said that spending just one moment at this power place will change you forever.

This 6 night / 7 day intensive, is a journey of awakening, rejuvenation, and spiritual immersion, and training for Coaches, Healers, Therapists and Seekers. This journey will provide you with spiritual and energetic awareness and provide you wil the foundation for being an energy intuitive. With spiritual and energetic awareness, you will gain a new understanding of how healing happens and have tools for affecting transformation in your life and the lives of others.

This journey includes certification training in Integrated Energy Therapy which is an internationally recognized energy therapy modality. You will become certified as an advanced level practitioner and receive training and information about integrating IET into your current practice or beginning your own energy therapy practice.

Why train with Julianne and John in Teotihuacan, Mexico?

Teotihuacan is a mecca for healing and empowerment.  To spend one moment at this sacred power place will change you forever.  Teotihuacan is known for its three pyramids which are perfectly aligned with the pyramids at Giza in Egypt halfway around the world. 

You will be immersed in the energies of awakening, empowerment and healing while learning from two professionals that are doing the work.  Both Julianne and John have been studying, practicing and teaching energy therapy, meditation and spirituality for 20 years.  They embody the work in a unique way that is both deep and wide and can help you find the path that is right for you.

About IET®

Within the practices of Energy Healing, Energy Psychology, and Energy Anatomy, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) is one of the next generation energy therapy systems that gets the "issues out of the tissues" and opens doors to spiritual awareness, healing, and transformation.

In each class, you will be attuned to an Angelic energy ray that activates your 12-strand Spiritual DNA - very important in this time of global transformation. You will learn how to heartlink to the energy of your Angels to use Angelic energy and the Violet Flame for healing. 

IET® Is Energy Science

You will learn how each primary human emotion is correlated to a specific physical region of the body, as well as how to use the IET® integration power points to clear them and any associated trauma.  An illustrated training guide and certificate will be provided with each class. 

IET® Builds Spiritual Awareness

You can become an energy intuitive.  You will learn a well-designed system of energy therapy that uses the power of the Violet Flame, one of the most powerful energies of transmutation on the planet.  No prior energy therapy experience needed.  Through IET® classes, you will be taught how to feel and interpret energy flow, clear energy patterns in yourself and others, raise your energetic vibration, and unlock your soul’s purpose.  

Your Energy Therapy Practice

Jump-start your success by learning from experienced professionals.  Whether you’re planning to start your own business, add energy methods to your work, or support your family and friends – Julianne and John have got you covered.

They will share the practical aspects of setting up and running your business, what things you will need to buy, etc.  They will also share what they know about working with clients and answer your questions about energy healing.  Learn what has worked for them, what hasn’t, and how to navigate the territory of creating a practice that works for you.  This information is priceless!

Spiritual Immersion

You can only embody the skills of swimming by being immersed in the water.  In the same way, to fully embody the energies of awakening, empowerment and healing - immersion is important.  This seven day intensive will allow you to learn the modality and be in the creative energy of the Angels and the Violet Flame, as well as “lean into” the energies of Teotihuacan, the Pyramids and Divine Mother.  This trip holds the promise for a paradigm shift in your life.

at a glance

  • Advanced Level Certification in Integrated Energy Therapy®

  • Training in Energy Awareness and Intuition

  • Energy Work for Yourself and Others

  • Energy Work as A Profession

  • Business Start-Up Information

  • Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

  • Support for Self-Healing and Discovery 


A beautiful group facility, the Dreaming House in San Sebastián Xolalpa, Mexico will be your home during this intensive. It is a magical place to stay, located within walking distance to the Teotihuacan site. 

Within these walls of this beautiful gated complex is your lodging, a private dining room, a wonderful courtyard, a labyrinth for meditations, beautiful rooms for meditation and plenty of space to relax and enjoy.

Your teachers

Julianne Santini and John Mercede are certified IET® Master Instructors and will be the teachers for this intensive. They carry the wisdom, knowledge and experience which can only be embodied from years of meditation, training and practice. They have studied with Eastern and Western masters and received personal training and spiritual activations for enlightenment and healing.


SEP 4 (WED): Arrival by 2:00 PM to the Mexico City airport (MEX). Meet your transportation to the Dreaming House.  Introduction to IET® and the Energy Field of Angels. 

SEP 5 (THU):  Basic IET® training day with attunement, energy education, and hands-on-healing practice.

SEP 6 (FRI):  Intermediate IET® training with attunement, energy education, and hands-on-healing practice.

SEP 7 (SAT):  Visit Sun and Moon pyramids, and Teotihuacan Plazas. Beginning of Divina Infantita Festival.

SEP 8 (SUN):  Advanced IET® training with attunement, energy education, and hands-on-healing practice. Divina Infantita Festival continues.

SEP 9 (MON):  Optional 6:00 AM pickup for balloon ride (extra $160 USD) or sleep in.  Receive certification. Business training.  Afternoon shopping at on-site store.  Special evening celebration.

SEP 10 (TUE): Closing of Intensive, transport to Mexico City airport (MEX) with flights scheduled after 12:00 NOON

what’s included?

Your program fee includes the 7-day program with 6 nights lodging and meals.  

Included in the Journey

  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level Certification

  • Group Pick-up & Drop-Off at Mexico City Airport (MEX)

  • Double Occupancy at the Dreaming House

  • Breakfast, Dinner, Evening Snack at the Dreaming House

  • Entrance fees to all sites

NOT included in the Journey

  • Tipping throughout the trip ($75 USD - required per person)

  • Flights to & from Mexico

  • Airline change fees

  • Alternative ground transportation

  • Accommodations outside of the dates and locations specified above

  • Single Occupancy Room ($300 USD optional supplemental fee)

  • Drinks, snacks, taxis not specified in the itinerary

  • Travel & Health Insurance (optional at your discretion)

  • Optional Balloon Ride ($160 USD - optional per person)


  • Double Occupancy $1599 USD

  • Single Occupancy $1899 USD

NOTE: You do not need a roommate to choose the double occupancy option. If you do not have a roommate, we will assign a roommate. If you do have a roommate, please provide your roommate’s name when you register.


Registration is easy. Use the REGISTER NOW link and reserve your spot for the IET®Intensive in Teotihuacan, Mexico. When you register, you will pay a $500 non-refundable deposit. Then, keep an eye on your email for your personal registration package.

If you have any questions, send a note to us at: