Core Shamanism Curriculum 

Anthropologists have identified shamanic practices in ancient cultures that date back 40,000 years.  Today they exist in indigenous cultures throughout the world, and are becoming more prevalent in today’s modern societies.  

The Core Shamanism Curriculum focuses on core shamanic practices found throughout the world for healing and wisdom.  Moving through the curriculum one learns that shamanism is much more than a set of practices.  It is a way of life, and a means of understanding one’s inter-connectedness to all things.  

This curriculum is designed for those with a desire to learn about shamanism and the self-healing journey as well as the practitioner that would like to expand one’s tools and gifts.    

I  Basic Shamanic Journeying (Two Day Class) *Prerequisite for ALL other shamanic courses. 

The shamanic journey crosses the dimensional barrier between time and space. During a journey, a practitioner communicates with spirit helpers and then brings back guidance and healing to assist an individual or community.  

Come join our circle and learn how to meet and work with your power animals and spirit helpers. Learn about core shamanism, the original role of the shaman in indigenous societies, and the keys to successful journeying in a modern society.  

Please bring: a journal, bandana or eye-cover, a journey blanket, a rattle, and a rock the size of the palm of your hand.  

II  Extraction Class (Two Day Class) 

A core shamanic belief is that all illness is caused by spiritual disharmony. One of the most powerful techniques used for healing in indigenous communities is called extraction. This method removes the patterns of energy that are part of illness.  

In this two-day workshop, learn various extraction techniques from around the world, discover how to remove unneeded patterns of energy, and how to direct them to a place where they will be harmless.  After extraction, learn how to support the body and methods to fill the body with light.  
Come experience for yourself how removing the spiritual component of illness can open the pathway to healing.  Good journeying skills is a must! 

III  Shamanism, Dying and Beyond (Two Day Class) 

Participants learn how to deal with the issue of dying and the destiny of souls from a shamanic perspective. The workshop is both for those who wish to learn for themselves and for those who wish to help others who are in terminal situations or who have already passed on.  

Shamanic exercises focus on how to become experientially familiar with the after-death realms and the journey of the Soul.  Also learn how to track a person using shamanic journeying, complete unfinished business, help a person cross-over, and classic pyscho-pomp.  

IV  Soul Retrieval (4-5 Day Class) 

Soul retrieval training is an advanced shamanic course offered over the course of two weekends or five consecutive days. Become trained to work with the issue of soul loss, a shamanic belief that our vital essence or soul can become fragmented as a result of trauma. The root of trauma often comes from emotional or physical abuse, an illness, accident or loss.  

Throughout the course, learn firsthand how soul retrieval can help the individual rebuild and renew one’s sense of self by welcoming home one’s pure essence. This course allows participants to explore methods of Soul retrieval as well as after-care to help the client integrate post-healing. 

Specialty Class: Entering the Circle—Medicine Wheels and Mandalas (One Day Class) 

The purpose of this class is to learn how to use "sacred circles" in your life as a path of self-awareness. It is said that mandalas arise out of the compelling need to know our inner reality, to align this knowing with our body's wisdom, and to awaken in ourselves a sense of being in harmony with the universe.  
Would you like to learn how to use mandalas, medicine wheels, and even labyrinths for meditation, insight, and healing? Learn how to use them in new meditative rituals as well as traditional healing techniques from a variety of cultures. Through shamanic journeying, you will learn what unique gifts these sacred circles are for yourself and for others.