Taking care of your "stuff"


Life is always presenting us with growth opportunities and we can often find ourselves facing our own “stuff”.  Stuff is a word which takes the place of words - but you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.  I’m talking about the  “stuff” that pops up from inside – out of no-where-- and triggers an emotion.  Then the stuff just hangs around and gets into everything….kinda like a bad smell.  Geesh...when I get triggered I usually have enough awareness to get through the situation at hand without reacting from emotion - and sometimes the emotion just hangs around and makes things difficult.  

When  stuff comes up and is hanging around you will need to take some action.  Otherwise it you will be suffering "stinkin' thinkin' and not having much grace or ease in your life.  Iff there was a bad smell, you would open the window. Right?

So, when you're stuck with some stinkin' thinkin', clear the air of the stuff that's hanging around.  Try this four step process and let me know what changes for you.  This really works for me.   

Four Steps to move toward Personal Greatness

One Accept it.  Yup, it is there.  Don't judge it as bad or good, just accept it.

Two:  Own it.  Realize that its yours! – and the only way you can do something about it is to take 100% responsibility for the fact that it is there.

Three:   Reveal it to someone.  This can be tricky, because there may be some resistance from you.  Reveal the "stuff" to someone that can support you in dealing with it.   You’re will talk it out with someone, tell them how feel about the stuff, how it affects you and how it affects the people around you.  Don't do this step with someone who is part of the "story" surrounding the "stuff".  By the way, you own the stuff, so don’t blame it on anyone when you reveal it.   

Four.  Examine your relationship with the stuff.  Usually the stuff has us react in a particular way.  Notice your reaction and your relationship to the reaction .  What does being that way give to you?  What does being that way take from you?   After examining whats really happening, you can declare that you are done being that way.  Once you declare you are done something NEW can come into its place.