The Great Secret

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The Great Secret
“Master,” called the student, “tell us the great secret.  How does one know love?”

The whole-being of the Master appeared to smile as he responded to the question, “The joy of love is possible only if one has known the joy of being alone, because only then does one have something to share.”

The student was puzzled.  She didn’t understand this, for all she had experienced was the sadness of being alone.

The Master felt compassion for her and the predicament of many of the students.  So, he continued, “Meditation is a means to being ecstatic in one’s aloneness.  When one becomes ecstatic in one’s aloneness, soon the ecstasy is so much that one cannot contain it.  It starts to overflow like a fountain.  When it starts to overflow, one becomes Love itself.”

The student’s eyes glimmered with hope.  In that moment, she understood. Meditation allows love to happen.

“Now, how does one know love?” the Master asked.

“Meditation should be the first thing,” replied the student.  “Love is indeed a sharing but one has to have it first!”

The Master raised both hands and blessed all the students.  He closed the evening with this promise: “Know meditation to be the center, and you shall know love as its circumference.  Know meditation as the flame, and you shall know love as its radiation.  Know meditation as a flower, and you shall know love as its fragrance.”

The Master’s great secret and promise lived on through his students, and now they have been passed on to be a living legacy in you.

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