Practice and Awareness in all areas of life.

On the heels of yesterday’s post, it’s prudent to mention that getting consistent results takes time and training.  The four step technique I shared is powerful – and it will work for you when you follow the steps AND embody the energy for doing the work.  To get consistent results at any endeavor requires two things.  You are capable of those two things.  Would you like to know what I’m talking about?

I spent many years studying, competing and teaching racquetball.  I was sponsored by Head® sports, played at an elite level and was a certified professional coach.  I learned a thing or two about excellence in those years of high level competition.  While there are many things necessary to perform the specific skills in sport, the work can be distilled down to two basic elements: Practice and Awareness.

Before reading further, realize that sport is just one arena of life.  These two elements are crucial to success in any arena whether it be business, family life, health, or relationship, etc.  Examining what it takes to excel at sport it becomes obvious that practice is a necessary element. 

I could spend 15 minutes showing you everything you need to know about the movements required to hit the perfect serve in racquetball.  I could give you pages of text, an hour of video and you would have all the information you need to play.  But let's face it, unless and until you get on the court you are just an observer and until you hit the ball you will not get it. Let’s continue. 

Once you get on the court and start hitting, you move from an observer to a student.  If you stick with it, you will become a technician.  As a technician,  you will have some success, but only a little consistency.   If you begin to practice you become a player.  When you first start to develop consistency, you often won’t know why some days are good and others days are not so good.  Many players stay here. 

The players that are committed to excellence will begin to examine their practice sessions and game play.  This is the element of awareness. Once a player is committed to excellence and  begins to examine their game using awareness, they go to the next level.  You will be surprised when I reveal that next level.  That next level is student. 

You see, excellence is about a continual refinement of who we are and how we do what we do.  It does not matter what area of your life you choose to make profound, settle for only one standard: excellence.  Set your intention on mastery and put your focus on just two things, practice and awareness.  When you set your standard to excellence you enter onto a path of mastery. Practice your skills and be continually aware of how you are showing up and how you perform.  (Showing up is your mental and emotional state, performance is the technical skills.) On the path of mastery, one is continually a student, continually becoming more aware, continually performing at higher and higher levels.  Continually evolving.