The Power of Sacred Places


Julianne Santini, John Mercede of Profound Life Wellness and Lauren Rainbow get together to talk about Sacred Journeys. Learn the benefits of visiting sacred sites around the world and how they can change your life!.


The Power of Sacred Places
There are places all over the world that have power.  Each one of you knows what it feels like to be in a place that changes the way you feel or think.  When you go to one of these places, by just being in the presence of the location - you experience the power in your heart-mind-body.  There is nothing to do, you simply experience the place.  With that experience of being, the heart-mind-body begins to change in response to the energy through what can be called an impulse or an impression. That impulse will affect the life you are living – perhaps it will change the direction you are heading, or the quality, or the possibilities, of your life. 

Most people have come to learn that all places and things have energy.  Then, why is it that some places initiate a huge change and other places do not? Lets start by looking at the difference between power and energy.  

Many people can sense the energy of places (and things) and can experience "high vibration" or "low vibration" energy.  It is accurate to say that energy can be transferred from one object to another, and energy can be transformed from one form to another.  It is also accurate to say that "energy is what makes change happen."   

While the words energy and power are often used interchangeably, power is different than energy.

Power is the rate at which energy is transferred.  The amount and quality of the energy which is present at the sacred place is important, but the capacity to deliver energy is necessary to cause transformation.  Typically the power of sacred places is the result of years, or decades or centuries of cultivating and distributing the energy.  When you show up at a sacred place, you receive an instant "download" of the "energy of change" in a very efficient way.  

As a sacred place, I think that Egypt is one of the most interesting civilizations in history.  

The Great Pyramid at Giza has been calling my name for quite a long time.  In October, it will be amazing to experience this magnificent, extremely large and very precise structure.   How the pyramid was built is a mystery because of the precision in both its construction and its alignment with celestial bodies.  For me, traveling to Egypt is like going back in time to witness one of the places on the planet where what was thought to be impossible became possible.  When visiting a sacred place, I view that place as a portal into everything that ever occurred there.  What that view makes available is unique to each person.  What that view makes constant is the potential for profound transformation for each person.