The SUNPAINTERS and the Solar Eclipse

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When my children were quite small, I loved to read to them.  With all the hype of the upcoming solar eclipse, I rediscovered an old friend, a story called SUNPAINTERS: Eclipse of the Navajo Sun by Baje Whitehorne.  I remember being captivated by the well-known artist’s illustrations and the rare glimpse into rural Navajo life. Whithome recounted life on the reservation and witnessing a solar eclipse at the age of 7.  He also shared a story that his grandfather told him of the Little People--the magical ones who knew how to renew the life of the sun, earth, and all objects. Over the last few weeks, that story within the story kept calling to me.  

Imagine Grandfather Pipa calling to his grandson, Kii, to come into the Hogan where he tells him that the sun "has died;'' a solar eclipse has washed the surrounding mountains in deep purples and reds. He explains to the boy that he must wait respectfully for the Na'ach'aahii, who come from the Four Directions carrying a paint brush and a can of paint, each responsible for replacing a different color of the rainbow.  Repainting the world after the eclipse, the Little Ones restore life and allow the rebirth of the sun.

When I first read that story to my children, we pondered over the elements of the story.  We wondered what would happen if the Na’ach’aahii didn’t come.  With much giggling and play, my children decided that if that ever occurred WE could become as the Little Ones and replace the different colors of the rainbow. 

I couldn’t help but to ponder in my morning meditation that time upon us? Is this the time for the collective WE to pick up our paint brushes?  The Solar Eclipse is coming, and a grand, new canvas awaits.  It awaits our light, our color, our frequency. 

This total solar eclipse may seem fleeting lasting for only a minute or two, but what if that is all that’s needed?  This Monday, August 21st, I invite you to pick up your paint brush wherever you are when the solar eclipse crosses your individual path and help to paint the seeds of our collective dream.