The Prison of Materialism

Humanity has continually suffered due to its identification with materialism and the attendant qualities of greed, separativeness and aggression.  For generations, identification with materialism has led to confusion, conflict, and war.   However, segments of humanity aligned to the greater good.  Those pioneering people aligned to “spiritual principle” over “materialism” and created a movement toward harmony and unity. 

·    As you live your life, what evidence of harmony and unity do you notice in the world and in your personal life? 

·       As you live your life, where do you see the conflict between "spiritual principle" and "materialism"? 

Materialism is a prison which holds our discernment captive.  The bars of that prison are forged from attachment, judgement, objectification, and separatist forms of “othering”.  As we discern rightly and recognize true values, the bars collapse and we step into freedom.

Today we can see humanity’s increasing ability to discern between the lesser and the greater good.  This expanding ability to discern is moving ALL of humanity towards unity. Unity is evidenced by individual response and world response aligned to the greatest possible outcome.  As we un-burden ourselves of attachment, we are free to choose the greater good.  As we align to the greater good, all of humanity evolves to a higher state of consciousness and realization. 

Join our conference call this week.  We will enter mediation to align with the qualities for right discernment for ourselves and humanity.    With the freedom of right discernment, you can create a new experience of life for yourself and those around you.