What's Our Abundance Story?

[suggested meditation for this topic]

How do we live our lives? Do we have faith and knowingness in Divine abundance? Or, do we live into the story of scarcity?

I am fascinated that the theme of abundance is found in so many religions.  When I look to my own background and open the Bible, I see that the story begins in abundance. Then, if I turn to the very last page, I can see that it ends in abundance as well.  God has created a land of plenty and has promised to restore us to that plenty in the end.

The media tells us that there isn’t enough, and the world may want us to focus on scarcity.  However, there is no lack of resources in the world, only a problem of distribution. Are we going to feed into the energies of fear, greed and selfishness that pit us against one other?  Or, are we going to become aware of the great abundance that is available for all of us?

It is our birthright to be in harmony with life and all of its beautiful expressions.  Our sense of scarcity doesn’t have to exist. Our economic gap doesn’t have to exist.  Our racial disparities don’t have to exist.  Our political inequalities and social injustices don’t have to exist. To elicit change, we must first start with ourselves.

  • What if we knew everything we had ever been given in life was an asset? 
  • What if we knew that we already had everything needed to change our lives and the lives of those around us? 
  • How would we choose to live?

Visualize the sun shining through a diamond.  Notice the prism of light it creates for you to see.  Imagine abundance as one of the rays of light, one of the flavors of the Divine for you to enjoy.  As you accept this ray, you touch God.  As you accept this gift, you have access to all other rays of light, all gifts and virtues of the Divine.

Notice for yourself where you are resisting the light.  Where are you in fear?  Where are you in judgement?  Where are you struggling and in resistance? 

Bring these awarenesses to our weekly gathering, Mindful Monday.  We will work with these limiting thought patterns and meditate to re-center and re-enter the intrinsic worth that the Divine has placed within each one of us.