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Communicating with the body, talking to it, listening to its messages has been a well-known practice for centuries in places like Tibet.

For most people, the language of communicating with one’s body is unknown or forgotten.   Medical science is only now beginning to realize what sages and mystics have always known--that the body and mind are not separate entities, but deeply related. Just as the condition of the body can affect the mind, so too can the mind affect the condition of the body.

What is the key to learning the forgotten language of talking to the Body-Mind?  Osho says, “People need to be taught how to make friends with the body.”

This week’s healing meditation is about making friends with yourself--with your body and your mind.  You will become aware of how your thoughts and feelings express themselves through your body.  Pain, disease and even the pattern of addictions can be addressed. Using this meditation is an opportunity to mobilize your self-healing energies and to relax deeply.

The Body Awareness Process has three parts:

1.           You will first speak to specific parts of your body and your whole body as a system.

2.           You will communicate with your unconscious mind about a symptom or issue that you are having with your body (ie, sickness, experiencing pain, being overweight, or simply desiring to feel more vibrant and healthy). In a relaxed state, you will connect with the part of your unconscious mind that is responsible for that condition, approaching it with a deep respect and friendliness.  For example, if you experience excess weight as a problem, the part of your unconscious mind responsible for this is a devoted servant and guardian.  By making you overweight, the guardian has been trying to help and protect you.  In a meditative state, the guardian can be guided to create new ways to fulfill its positive intention while allowing your body to be natural and healthy again. You will arrive at a new understanding of your body-mind connection and its ability to heal.

3.           You will experience a healing state, deepening the understanding that your body, mind and Soul are ONE.

This guided meditation of talking to the body has been developed by Osho’s guidance and taught regularly at workshops for over 20 years at the Osho Meditation Resort in India.

Once you start communicating with your body, things become very easy.  The body need not be forced, it can be persuaded.  One need not fight with the body—that’s ugly, violent, aggressive, and any sort of conflict is going to create more and more tension.  So, you need not be in any conflict—let comfort be the rule.  And the body is such a beautiful gift from God that to fight with it is to deny God himself.  It is a shrine… we are enshrined in it:  it is a temple.  We exist in it, and we have to take every care of it—it is our responsibility.  –Osho

Becoming your own best friend is the deepest learning of this healing meditation.  Join us this Mindful Monday for a body talk meditation, and be reminded of a language that most of us have forgotten.