Relaxation is the Key to Conscious Awareness

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Relaxation becomes the doorway to that great knowing of enlightenment.

We continue to focus on the importance of the body-mind connection because of what it gives us access to.  Last week we focused on a four-step process to support the body in calming, because if the body is not relaxed then the mind cannot be either.  The body creates the situation for the mind to relax.  The body becomes the vehicle for relaxation.

In meditation, we often start with the attention on the body. When we use energy exercises, it moves the stagnation or chaos out of the systems.  When we use awareness techniques and the body scan, it releases stress and pain from the body.  Both methods bring relaxation to the body which allows the mind to calm and be in the present moment.

When the mind is in the present moment, it neither takes us back to replay a memory or scenario nor does it race ahead into the future.  The mind is calm and focused.  We are aware of our thoughts, experiences, and the ebb and flow of emotions, yet not ruled by them. It allows us to be in touch with life itself.

The breath then can be used to take us deeper.  The breath is the bridge between the outermost (our body) and the innermost (our consciousness).  The breath is natural and flows.  Once the body and mind are calm, we do not need to push it.  A river flows to the ocean on its own accord.  As the breath carries us deeper, we naturally come to realize that there is an aspect of our being that is always there and never changes.  It is our awareness, our consciousness.  The breath calms the heart and gives us access to the depths of our being.  If we give ourselves to the journey, it will naturally take us there.

Meditation is nothing but a device to find ourselves.  We have the answers within and just need to go deep inside to discover them.  Relaxation becomes the key to that great knowing.  Calm the body, the mind, AND the heart, and the doorway to enlightenment becomes wide open!

Join us as we move through the process tonight, and see what happens.  Then, use tonight’s audio version of the “The Cave of the Heart Meditation” throughout the week for expanded results. Take time to know yourself each day…  it’s truly the best form of self-care there is!

[suggested meditation for this topic]