Manifest your wishes and bring your vision to life.

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Have you noticed that sometimes it takes time, more time than you thought, for your visions and intentions to manifest? What's up with that? Some thing we must always remember that there are immutable Laws at work all the time.

Successful manifestation will spring forth when there is harmony within the realms required for manifesting.  Generally speaking, when the physical realm requirement is met, an apple will fall from the tree.  But what about healing and transformation?  When we look at healing and transformation there are more realms to consider.  To manifest healing and transformation in your life, there must be harmony within each realm and between the realms of physical, mental and spiritual realms.  

When you look at your life and notice an area where you have a recurring or repeating complaint, there is, without a doubt, an opportunity for healing and transformation.  To manifest transformation in that area of your life, you will need to harmonize the mental, spiritual and physical realms in relation to that area of your life and move in a new direction.  

Here's a simple way to start transforming an area of your life.  
It can be as simple as One, Two, Three, Four:  Wish, Intention, Action, Harmony 

  1. Create a wish for your life.  A wish is a gentle way to get you thinking about vision.  Keep it simple.  What would you wish your life to be like?  What feelings and experiences would you wish to have every day? (mental realm)
  2. Align your intention to your wish.  Intention is the fuel for your wish - just like the gasoline in your car, intention will keep your wish moving. Activate your intention with meditation, prayer, drawing, walking or any activity during which you are seeing the wish already done.  Intention is not about the "how", it is about trusting the higher aspects of yourself to align to outcome. (spiritual realm) 
  3. Be in action.  A fundamental law of physical science states that for every action there is a corresponding reaction.   You will not heal or transform your life without taking action.  (physical realm)
  4. Harmony between the realms. When you are in action, be aware and manage what you are doing such that your thoughts, emotions, actions are continually in harmony with your wish and your intention.  Harmony must be in all areas.  When you notice ANYTHING that is not in harmony with the wish it is an indicator to tune in and rewrite the music. (synthesizing force)

 Helpful Tip:
If you notice multiple areas of your life which you would like to transform, pick one area and work on that 100%.

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