Superbloom—A Natural Phenomenon

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In preparing for my spring trip to California, I have heard lots of buzz about Anza-Borrego from those that have made the pilgrimage to witness this once-in-a-decade “super bloom.”  The montage of pinks, purples and yellows is said to look like something out of the Wizard of Oz, and it has a chance to be the biggest super bloom in 20 years.

This amazed me because Anza-Borrego is a desert that lies two hours to the northeast of San Diego.  The Borrego Valley is surrounded by tall bald mountains, and the climate is hot and dry.  Yet this spring it is miraculously full of life.  Millions of wildflowers carpet the desert floor.  How is this possible???

Interestingly, desert plants have evolved special mechanisms to cope with drought and long periods of dry, grisly weather.  The seeds have a resin coating that protects them.  However, when enough water washes off the resin, THEY BLOOM!  The heavy rainfall early this year created the perfect conditions, attracting thousands of nature lovers across the Southland to view the impressive results firsthand.

We, too, can create the perfect conditions within by diving deeply into sadhana, our daily practice.  Each prayerful reflection and meditation washes away the resin of our daily lives.  As we meditate, the imprints, the drama, and the samaskaras are gently cleansed.  What then is revealed?  What seeds do we find inside? What has been waiting to bloom? 

As I prepare for my upcoming travels to Southern California, I have a picture of Anza-Borrego on my desk.  I find myself mesmerized by its beauty.  I find myself inspired by the transformation of such a desolate environment into a magical garden. It reminds me of that possibility for each of us!

Can you imagine the beauty of an entire world in SUPERBLOOM?  Why not! It’s a natural phenomenon.

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