Become Free from Attachments

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What are your Attachments?

Winter is departing bringing the arrival of spring and a time of new beginnings.  It is also a time where all of life is preparing for new growth and, in the Christian tradition, a time of re-birth.  So, with that in mind, about two weeks ago, we began eating a diet without dairy, sugar or grains. During these two weeks, I have noticed my addiction to certain foods.  Primarily, my addiction to cheese.  Hard to believe - addicted to cheese!

Addiction is a pretty strong word and in this case “attachment” is a more accurate word.  After all, I wasn’t dependent on cheese but I certainly didn’t want to give it up.  Attachments show up in all areas of our life.  Each attachment is fueled by emotion (feeling) and usually has an expectation (thought).  There are “places”, “people” and “things” “beliefs” to which we are attached.  When discussing a problem with someone, there are “outcomes” to which we are attached.  Our attachments have a hold on us and we have a hold on our attachments.  Each day, a portion of our energy is used to hold onto an attachment and we are ready to defend our hold at any moment. 

There is a guru who says that “attachment is an intoxication” and just like a drunkard who denies his intoxication, we will rationalize our actions and deny our attachment.  In attachment, we move in a dazed and unaware state of being,

It can be difficult to find our attachments in daily life - mostly because we are not looking for them, we are looking through them in a state of intoxication.  However, in contemplation, we can discover our attachments and become free.  

Sit in contemplation and ask: “What are the things you will miss if they were gone from your life? How would that hurt you?  What are the things that make you cry?  What outcomes, if not achieved, will cause you suffering.” In your contemplation, notice what arises and then little by little relax your grip on the things you hold so tightly. 

After noticing your attachments in meditation, begin to notice them in your life.  Gradually live without the things revealed to you in your meditation.  Cultivate the state of stability, presence and peace within yourself so that if-and-when these things change you will be capable to move freely with the change. 

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