Deal with resistance in your life.

One of the best things you can do to support your life is to join a meditation group.  This group will support your life because you are are always in the "heart-mind" of the group that you meditate with.  The group will lift you.

On Monday nights we facilitate a meditation group and on this past Monday,  for the conference call group, I was sharing about resistance citing that in my life one of the predominant patterns is one of resistance and all the subtle and gross ways that resistance would show up.  Some examples, mine and others: (i) not doing something concerned about the outcome, (ii) saying no to opportunities concerned about how one might look, (iii) rejecting another idea and keeping an old one, (iv) refusing to forgive someone/something/self for a past action.

Take a couple of moments and find places in your life where you often find yourself in resistance.

One of the fundamental teachings of the path is to surrender.  I have to say that from my life the idea of surrender is rooted in an energy of defeat, and a proclamation of “I give up”.  Eventually I saw that my definition of surrender was skewed.  One day I received the insight to “surrender the resistance”.  In a flash the word surrender had new meaning and it became a path upon which to walk.  As we walk, we notice all the areas where the resistance is keeping us from taking a step towards a new path. 

·       Take a few moments and notice your resistance. 

·        Sit and enter a meditation where you walk upon the path of your life.

·       Walk from a point which starts about 2 to 3 months ago. 

·       Notice all the places along the path where you could have surrendered your resistance and taken a new direction.

·       Continue to walk into the future without resistance

·       Journal on what you will create and what you had to surrender