Don't waste your time on problems.  


[discussion: Don't Waste Your Time on Problems]
[meditation: Be The Imagineer of Your Life]

Everyone faces problems in life.  One dictionary defines problem as “a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.”  Regardless of the problem type, when you put focus on the problem you are wasting your time – because you are focusing on the problem. 
Once you notice a problem, shift your focus away from the problem and shift your focus toward the desired outcome.  This will take some discipline, because it is often simpler to talk about the problem.  It is easy to spend hours or days blaming the problem on people, places or things, or talking about what the problem is causing, or all the reasons for the problem.  If you must, take 7 minutes get all that stuff out of your system.  Then shift to a place where you can look only at what is happening - without blame or judgement!
Next, set your mind and emotions in the direction of desired outcome.  The key word here is desire.  Desire and fear are powerful attractor energies.  When you operate from a place of desire, you have access to a higher state of consciousness than when you operate from a place of fear.  Desire will always attract a higher outcome than fear.  Navigate toward the directions set by your desired outcome.
Remember, the desire must be “outcome based” not “thing based”. To know the difference ask yourself: "what outcome do I want to experience regardless of the things which I attain along the way"?  Experience will create a foundation for your life. Possessions will move in and move out of your life. Possessions will never build a foundation for life.  You can experience peace, gratitude or joy regardless of your possessions. 
When you focus on the outcome, you are not working as an engineer, you are working as an “imagineer”.  When you imagine, you are working with the builders in the higher realms of consciousness.  These builders are intelligent energies which you access through imagination and intention.  Imagine you are also building a bridge to the higher realms so that you can carry things back from the higher dimensions. 
You will not know how intelligent you are until you get out of your thinking mind.  Conscious focus stands in the way. Let your mind and emotions relax, and form a relationship with intention and expectancy. Once you focus on expectation, combined with intention and action, the intelligent energies will propel experience into existence!

  • Drop the idea that there is a problem.
  • Identify what is happening without any judgement or blame.  
  • Set your mind and emotions in the direction of desired outcome.
  • Be an "imagineer" in the higher dimensions. 
  • Intend and expect your desired outcome to occur.
  • Build a bridge to the higher dimensions.  

Homework. Write down "the good life" experience.  Begin to create your world “out there” in the higher dimensions.  Remember that everything in your world today, is something you put out there.  Become an imagineer and a conscious creator. Put it out there, and bring it into existence! 

[discussion: Don't Waste Your Time on Problems]
[meditation: Be The Imagineer of Your Life]