Before meditation can happen, you must happen.

Do you think that when you meditate there should be no thoughts or emotions at all?  Quite often people beginning a meditation practice tell me two things: (1)"my mind won't stop thinking thoughts" and (2)"I can't meditate".  When this happens, I tell them that they're right. Now before you start wondering why I would say such a thing, let's look at the two statements.  

(1)"my mind won't stop thinking thoughts"  True! First, everyone can pretty much demonstrate to themselves that the mind will NOT stop thinking.  The mind thinks, in fact it thinks between the thoughts that it is already thinking.  The path to meditation is not one which stops the mind, but rather the path is one of training the mind.  

So what!

Whether the mind will stop thinking thoughts or not - doesn't matter!  There is a fundamental teaching which will dismantle any "excuse" about the mind's thinking or non-thinking:  "You are not your mind!"

(2)"I can't meditate"  True!  Meditation is not a mental process, it is not something you do.  You enter into meditation.  The great teachers tell us that "there is only ONE meditation" and you enter into meditation any number of ways.  

Using your imagination will support you

Imagine yourself as light for example.  How would you exist?  Imagine yourself as sound.  How would you appear in the world?  Imagine yourself as vibration.  How would you move and what movement would happen within the movement that you are?

Sit for a few moments and imagine yourself only as light, sound and vibration.  You will soon see that you are not the mind and in that moment, ask yourself, "Who is the "I" that is meditating?"