How do you wait?

Train yourself for “active waiting”.  When you are actively waiting, you are engaged with life and not retreating from life.  ”.  Simply put, when you are actively waiting you are ready to be in action.  The degree to which you cultivate your awareness will predict the success and fulfillment you experience in life.  

It's Okay

There is one especially powerful mantra which I have used over and again in my life.  I bet you have used this mantra too.  It is a mantra that I notice being used again and again by people everywhere.  You many not think of it as a mantra, but like any mantra, it is impregnated with power and resonates with an energy of truth. 

Healing Meditation - Kindness, Creativity, Passion

This meditation was recorded live during a Monday night gathering two days after the Woman's March on Denver, Colorado.  An estimated 100,000 people gathered in Denver on January 21 Women’s March events held throughout the country.

In this healing meditation, Julianne speaks to what was present for her and everyone at the march and carries the healing theme thought this meditation. 

Sit and be in this meditation and receive the energies of kindness, creativity and passion as you are guided through a self healing. 

Got six minutes? Create a new day.

I recorded this meditation one morning while sitting alongside a quickly moving river.  This meditation is designed to cultivate awareness within you, calm your mind and settle your emotions.      

The duration of this meditation is short.  No excuses - just do it now.  It will take you almost as long to create a convincing excuse for not doing it. Guaranteed - you will feel better. 

The energy of mediation exists everywhere in every moment and can be accessed very quickly with proper training.  This meditation is that training.  

Secondly, numerology tells us that the 6 vibration "holds the harmony between the macrocosms and microcosms" and there is a "a perfected sense of balance" available with the vibration of 6.

Enjoy.  Practice this for 6 consecutive days and see what you notice!