Divine Alchemy & the Mysteries of Egypt 2018

Are you home from Egypt, but hungry for more?  Throughout the journey you were gifted with various tools and gemstones.  One of the ways you can continue to work with the energy of Egypt is by creating altars that will invite the energy to work with you in accordance with your intentions. 

Consider the altar as a place where physical and spiritual energies come together.  With that in mind,  once you set up a physical altar, bring spiritual energy to the altar with intention, meditation and consistent practice.  All  the elements are important.  The physical configuration attracts and aligns the energy.  The spiritual energy of intention and meditation sets a direction for the energy to move towards.  Consistent practice sustains the movement toward the outcome.  Be sure to clearly define your intention.  

Join us for a 21- day Divine Alchemy practice.  This is a 3-week progression of energy practices that bring you from transmutation to creation, and ultimately into a fuller expression of YOU!  To participate, read through the information then follow the instructions. When you’re ready, commit to the practice and begin!


Is there something you are ready to transform in your life?  A belief or an attachment that is limiting your self-expression?  Build your Transmutation Altar, and energetically place your intention for healing in the center of the coin.

_new transmutation altar-ec-250.jpg

The Transmutation Altar
Use the Divine Alchemy Coin with Transmutation-side facing up.

Use the following triad of stones around the coin:

  • Black Onyx for drawing out – stone associated with root chakra

  • White Onyx for drawing forth –stone associated with crown chakra

  • Malachite for transformation –stone clears all chakras but is mostly associated with the heart, your place of synthesis, union and integration in the body

  1. Intentionally build your Transmutation Altar.

  2. Energetically place that which you desire to be dismantled and healed on the altar.

  3. Play the “Sa Sekhem Sahu” mantra and chant the mantra WITH YOUR WHOLE BEING with the intention of transmuting the associated belief, pattern, or attachment.

  4. End the practice in a state of gratitude.



Is there something you are ready to create in your life? How would its manifestation make you feel? Build your Creation Altar, and energetically place your intention and that new state of being in the center of the coin.

_new creation altar-ec-250.jpg

The Creation Altar
Use the Divine Alchemy Coin with Creation-side facing up.

Use the following triad of stones around the coin:

  • Lapis Lazuli for clarity of your true destiny & purpose – stone associated with access to the rainbow bridge, but is mostly associated with 3rd eye and throat chakra.

  • Carnelian for confidence, courage, passion & the power within– stone associated with solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras.

  • Turquoise for divine communication & higher wisdom—stone enhances throat and heart chakra with harmony & grace.

  1. Intentionally build your Creation Altar.

  2. Energetically place how you would like “to feel” on the altar when your creation is manifested (ie, vital, empowered, free, fulfilled, joyful). Choose 1 to 3 states of being for the week.

  3. Play the “Sa Sekhem Sahu” mantra and chant the mantra WITH YOUR WHOL BEING with the intention of stepping fully into those new states of being and feeling.

  4. End the practice in a state of gratitude.



Is there a NEW YOU waiting to be birthed?  Are you ready to be the fullest expression of you?  Build your Divine Alchemy Altar, and energetically place yourself in the center of the coin where the Merkaba stone is placed.

_new divine alchemy altar-ec-250.jpg

The Divine Alchemy Altar
Use the Divine Alchemy Coin with the transmutation side facing up.

Use both triads of stones around the coin:

  • Flower of Life Postcard for creation geometry.

  • Divine Alchemy Coin for transmutation geometry.

  • Both Stone Triads for enhancement of the transmutation & creation energies.

  • Merkaba Stone for activation of light body & manifestation.

  1. Intentionally build your Divine Alchemy Altar.

  2. Energetically place yourself in the center of the Divine Alchemy Coin where the Merkaba stone in placed.  Do this while holding the intention, “I AM THAT I AM” 16 times.

  3. Play the “Sa Sekhem Sahu” mantra and chant the mantra WITH YOUR WHOLE BEING with the intention of merging with the energy of Sekhmet.

  4. Afterwards sit in silence for at least 10 minutes.

  5. Ground in the way that is right for you (ie, drinking water, moving the body, feeling your feet) and release any excess energy out the palms of your hands and the souls of your feet into the center of the Earth.

  6. Optional:  You may wish to journal after your experience. In your entry, focus ONLY on ways you notice yourself letting go of old beliefs, patterns and attachments AND/OR the ways you notice yourself shifting into the desired ways of being/feeling.

  7. End the practice in a state of gratitude.


Continue to use the 21-day practice with new intentions to elicit new states of being. With each round, become a greater magnet for the life of your heart’s desire. This powerful practice will continue to transform limitations and assist you in becoming the fullest expression of YOU!

Properties of the Gemstones from the Egypt Trip

Each stone that was chosen was specific to a particular Egyptian deity.  All were used to enhance the available energies throughout the tour.  Here is a list of the given stones with their associated allies, locations and energies.


BLACK ONYXKhnum, Satis, Anket at Elephantine Island
Egyptians refer to onyx as the “drawing-out stone.”  With Khnum, the black onyx draws out that which no longer serves the body from your lineage & transforms it.  With Satis, the black onyx protects your physical body by preventing the drain of physical energy.  With Anket, the black onyx nourishes and supports your physical body, by aiding in the development of strength & stamina. Commonly associated chakras: root, solar plexus, and 3rd eye.


LAPIS LAZULIIsis at Philae Temple
Egyptians reserved lapis for royalty.  With Isis, lapis bridges the gap between the physical world and the spiritual realm. Isis’ rainbow wings can be gently tipped to make the rainbow bridge.  She connects Heaven with Earth, Spirit with flesh, and unites upper and lower chakras.  Lapis takes you inward to assist you in discovering your true destiny and purpose, as well as upward opening the doors to enlightenment and new worlds. Lapis is a water element stone which activates your 2nd chakra waters, connecting you to the energies of the Philae Temple which is surrounded by water. Other commonly associated chakras: throat and 3rd eye.


BLACK/WHITE ONYXSobek/Horus at Kom Ombo
Black and white onyx can be used together when working with duality. With Sobek and Horus, these stones bring reconciliation.  Black onyx is used in relation to the root chakra. It’s associated with Sobek and your primal instincts and survival.  White onyx draws forth positivity and is used in connection with the crown chakra.  It’s associated with Horus who represents the light of the Sun and Spirit.  Using these stones together brings a deeper understanding and appreciation for the necessity of the presence of both light and dark in the unfoldment of your journey.  Place the black stone in the right hand (representing Sobek and his temple on the right at Kom Ombo) and the white stone in the left hand (representing Horus and his temple on the left).  It is your heart that is the at-one-ment point between the duality/polarity. While meditating with these two stones, it allows the opposing energies to walk in each other’s shoes.  Sobek and Horus forgive one another within you, thus cleansing and purifying your past.  


CARNELIANHorus at Edfu Temple
In ancient Egypt, polished carnelian crystal was a favorite contrast with onyx and lapis in jewelry and art.  Besides its striking aesthetic, carnelian was associated with the red “Eye of Horus” plucked out by Seth.  Instead of connecting to the pain of the story, connect to the magical attributes of the “Eye of Horus”—healing, protection and seeing beyond illusion.  With Horus, carnelian allows you to see beyond the limitations of your thoughts and senses.  It brings you the attributes of confidence, courage, passion & the “power within.”  Carnelian activates the solar plexus chakra, so you can step into your personal power aligned with Divine Purpose.  Other commonly associated chakras:  root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.


MALACHITEOsiris at Abydos
Malachite is the green Egyptian gemstone of rebirth and regeneration.  Osiris is most often depicted has having green skin signifying these attributes. You felt into these energies in Abydos, the place where Osiris was brought back to life after having been killed and cut into pieces by his brother.  Malachite is often called the “stone of transformation.”  With Osiris, malachite clears each of the chakras, preparing the system to “raise the Djed” so the sekhem can move up the spine to the higher brain centers. Although malachite clears and activates all chakras, it is especially helpful in the stimulation of the heart and throat chakras.


TURQUOISEHathor at Dendarah
The gemstone associated with Hathor was turquoise, and she was even referred to as the “Turquoise Goddess.”  The stone was highly valued for its religious and spiritual significance.  It was found in Egypt over 7,000 years ago.  Egyptians used the stone to open their minds to divine communication and higher wisdom.  Turquoise has a soft, soothing energy that encourages you to speak with a perfect balance of wisdom and empathy.  It is a beautiful stone for enhancing the throat chakras in this way… with harmony.  With Hathor, turquoise helps reveal your inner truths and helps you identify your purpose in life.  Although turquoise balances and aligns all chakras and stabilizes mood swings, it is most closely associated with activating the heart, throat and 3rd eye chakras.


MERKABAPantheon at the Great Pyramid
The gifted merkabas are of varying gemstone types.  Know that the particular gemstone you received is perfect and right for you.  MER means “spinning Light,” KA means “Spirit,” and BA means “Soul body.” MER-KA-BA denotes the harmonious activation of all.  In shape, it appears as a star tetrahedron.  The three-dimensional 8-pointed star coordinates and synchronizes masculine and feminine energies. One pyramid with head on top connects our body to worldly power, and the other with the face downwards connects our body to the earth.  When the MER-KA-BA is activated, the positive-negative energy flows in a pattern.  It can be used as a fundamental tool to generate life and for manifestation.  


Additional Journey Gifts

LOTUS CHARMSekhmet, Ptah, Nephertum at Karnak

The lotus charm represents Sekhmet’s fierce compassion for our journey.  The journey of a lotus takes power and fierceness as it moves through mud, water, air and into the light.  It also represents Ptah’s seeds and all your future dreams waiting to bloom.  Are you ready to bloom in this lifetime? Finally, it represents Nephertum’s sweet fragrance, the fragrance of your manifested dreams, and the sweetness of the evolution of your Soul. 


ANKHPantheon at the Great Pyramid

The ankh is known as the “key of life” and was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read “eternal life.”  Egyptians gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over the chest.  This is the symbolic representation of both physical and eternal life.  Latinists interpret the symbol as crux ansata, “cross with a handle.”  Emil Shaker shared with us another interpretation -- the union of feminine and masculine.